Blade Runner Movie Poster

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This is my final movie poster out of the 4 for the film "Blade Runner". The poster shows an image of the main star played by Harrison Ford with an image of Neo Tokyo overlayed over it. It didn't take that long to make just a bit of eye candy. Fellow class mates said they liked it. Do you? Did I mention it symbolizes a greed for humanity's thirst for each others foul blood escorted by the notion of madness?

Metropolis Movie Poster

Sunday, 15 November 2009

This is the 3rd film poster out of the 4. The design is for the film Metropolis.Original plan was to make a cyborg using photography and Photoshop, however I couldn't be bothered. The next plan was to draw the cyborg...that failed. So this was my conclusion. Made it simple as can be but I think works.

My Motive behind the final piece is to depict the separation between the different classes of the city; in the case of Metropolis the segregation between the workers and high rulers of this dystopian society. I gave it the round shape to portray the earth and symbolize how the gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger. Yup...fuck the system! Happy blogging :)

Brave New World Movie Poster

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

"Brave New World" Movie poster the second poster out of the four. I designed the poster to be high contrast between the face and the mouth. The image represents a artificially processed human taking the daily dose of the drug "Soma" as seen in the film. However one can not guess this if he/she hasn't seen the film or read the book. Which comes to the second motive behind the design; that is to make the viewer think...WTF is this? What did you think when you were staring at this oddity of design?

Ginko Almighty

Sunday, 8 November 2009

I call this one "The moon maybe full tonight but our existence is in vain." The portrait of a heroin addict found in the shady streets of London on November the 7th 2009. Upon the time this photo was taken I was asked by the addict called "Ginko The Almighty" if I would like to buy the used needle for £75 in order for him to get his next buzz. I did consider but the rusty edge, fresh blood surrounding the worn out instrument and the smell of urine threw me off.

I was told that the good Lord brought me to one called "Ginko" and it was my destiny to buy the used needle and release a round of the heavenly high substance into my own veins. I replied "Sir I always carry a spare. I would love to join you but the tubes will be closing down soon and its ever so cold tonight" Ginko replied with a blank stare as his soul crept into the realm of unknown pleasures. This portrait represents "Ginko The Almighty" in all his glory.