Ginko Almighty

Sunday, 8 November 2009

I call this one "The moon maybe full tonight but our existence is in vain." The portrait of a heroin addict found in the shady streets of London on November the 7th 2009. Upon the time this photo was taken I was asked by the addict called "Ginko The Almighty" if I would like to buy the used needle for £75 in order for him to get his next buzz. I did consider but the rusty edge, fresh blood surrounding the worn out instrument and the smell of urine threw me off.

I was told that the good Lord brought me to one called "Ginko" and it was my destiny to buy the used needle and release a round of the heavenly high substance into my own veins. I replied "Sir I always carry a spare. I would love to join you but the tubes will be closing down soon and its ever so cold tonight" Ginko replied with a blank stare as his soul crept into the realm of unknown pleasures. This portrait represents "Ginko The Almighty" in all his glory.